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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Majority in Congress

As it looks more and more like the Dems will gain control of at least the House, I have to admit that I'm pleased that it took voters only 12 years of a Republican majority to believe that things in Congress have gotten too corrupt, while it took 40 years of Democratic control for voters to get sick of them in the majority. To really get a sense of how bad things have gotten in Congress, read Matt Taibbi's searing article from Rolling Stone "The Worst Congress Ever":


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Congressional elections

It is currently widely accepted that the Foley scandal will help the Dems win seats in Congress; some are even predicting that the Dems could win both the House and the Senate.

Of course I would like to see the Dems take back Congress, and I hardly care about how they do it (I didn't used to be so callous), but this seems rather pathetic. On the other hand, the issue is less about a minor sexual scandal and more about complacency and corruption in the Congressional leadership, which is not a bad reason to vote for someone else.

Unfortunately, if the Dems win anything, the next two years will be all about impeaching Bush, or at least investigating him, and yet again, the People's Business (healthcare, security, jobs, clean air and water) will be on the back burner.