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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Final day in NYC

Our final day in The City. Larry has to pack and I agreed to visit a local psychic with Michelle (she had seen the sign earlier in the week, but her husband refused to go with her). We each shuffled a subset of 10 tarot cards and were given a reading. I thought it was blatantly generic. We were both told that we would meet The One this year (clearly that's the question she gets the most; and apparently she just assumed that we were unmarried). She said Michelle inspires a lot of jealousy, and that I don't like to be bossed (who does?) and came close to getting married once (more like 3 times). It was fun, but totally bogus, as I expected.

I stopped back at the food cart from Tuesday, to get breakfast sandwiches for Larry and I. Bobbie is bringing the kids in by car, though she gets turned around when they come out of the Lincoln Tunnel and takes an hour to get to the hotel. While we wait by the entrance, we get to greet lots of people heading out, either to the aiport or for the day (many folks are staying an extra day or 3).

The plan had been the Empire State Building observation deck, but - bad luck! - they are closing early today for maintenance. We grab a cab over to the Carnegie Deli and munch on giant meat-only sandwiches (I had a very nice Greek salad with delicious feta).

Then, of course, M&M World, which is all the kids talk about when NYC is mentioned. We all get a treat there, even Bobbie, who buys a onesie for Noa.

Then we wander back to our hotel, stopping in the Yankee store on 49th St, and then at Rockefeller Center for the NBC store and Metropolitan Museum store. We also buy overpriced truffles at La Maison du Chocolat, and even stop into Saks, so I can exchange my bracelet. My final purchase at Saks is the Shisheido mascara that the makeup artists used; $25, an insane sum that I would never consider in my "real" life, but which seems completely reasonable in this fantasy where the money is free. We still have $100 on the card, so we will have to shop online or at a local store.

Larry and Caleb are meeting his friends at 6 to head to Yankee Stadium, and our limo is at 7. The friends are staying overnight, so they graciously allow us to come upstairs to show their room to the kids (it's very similar to the one we stayed in). Bobbie and I want a bite, so we sit in the lounge and order from the snack menu - her, duck ragout, and me, some heavenly butternut squash soup ($21 for a bowl!) I am continually amazed that people have this amount of money to spend - such a different world from the one I live in.

Alana loves the limo, lounging around - she looks right at home. It takes a bit of time to get to the tunnel, but once we get in, it's pretty much smooth sailing all the way to Old Bridge.



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