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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Humanitarian Day & Award Dinner

Another early start (boo hiss) - breakfast at 7 - ugh. Our assignment is to assemble bicycles. But there's a couple hundred people! Larry and I are assigned to clean up duty. The entire project only takes an hour, with so many people helping. We feel a bit flat, as apparently do others - GJ later says that next year, we'll have more to do!

I'm starving after continental breakfast (which for me means fruit). I head out to find a diner or McDonald's and instead buy a (surprisingly) delicious breakfast sandwich from a cart two blocks away. The owner, from Greece, tells me how much business has fallen off since 2 years ago.

Larry is almost asleep when I get back to the room, and sleeps like a log, of course, for a couple of hours, while I only doze.

We head out for a sushi lunch after our nap. Though we picked out a highly rated place from a list online, there are dozens of places to choose from in the area, so we go in the first place we come to. A 15-minute wait discourages us, so we move on to the next place on the block. They say they have nothing available (no mention of waiting), so we go to place #3. We sit at the sushi bar and eat melt-in-your-mouth fish until we are stuffed to the gills!

I have to rush off to my hair appointment at Saks - an updo for a mere $100 (we've only managed to spend about half our allotment!) I stop in the jewelry shop and (too quickly, as it turns out) pick a bracelet to compliment my evening gown. (Later I go back to exchange it for a different one I saw as I was leaving, but it is no longer in the case - "he who hesitates" and all that - stupid not to take the few minutes and get what I wanted at the time - so rushed all the time!)

After my hair appt with Mann, I have to hurry back to the Waldorf to have my makeup done by the Shisheido rep. While I wait for my turn, I sip champagne and enjoy items on a sumptuous cheese tray. Shelly is a miracle worker. She spends the vast majority of the 40 minutes on my eyes, which are unbelievable when she is done (though none of the photos do her magic justice). A woman offers to redo my hair (which I think is much too severe), but Shelly insists that it looks perfect already (and I feel a bit disloyal considering this, as the hairdresser was very attentive and clearly a genius, tee hee). Shelly disapproves of the dark lipstick I've brought and gives me the pink lip gloss she used so that I can touch up later and not clash with her masterpiece.

Then upstairs to dress, and back down for a VIP cocktail party - our last perk before the winner is announced and we go back to regular citizen status. I am annoyed that I picked such a conservative dress, since the one I rejected as too risque is much more the style of the other women. Next time I won't be so chicken!

We are introduced on the balcony, as rehearsed, and then downstairs for a wonderful dinner (roasted vegetable tart to start, tenderloin beef that melts in our mouths and potatoes and asparagas, baked Alaska for dessert). Many awards are presented, the first is the best - a woman who makes pillows for soldiers is given $10,000 from TRH and Marsh Insurance. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

Larry doesn't win, but he has totally enjoyed his time in the spotlight. The winner deserves it and no one is unhappy when his name is read.

Larry stays out very late at Ba-Da-Bing (more cowbell!), but I hit the sack (relatively) early.



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