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Thursday, April 08, 2010

New Moon (the movie)

O.K., now I finally get the whole Team Jacob thing - that Taylor Lautner is smokin' hot! Just physically, I prefer dark over blonde, but I'm still Team Edward all the way - I love me some tragic hero.

I liked the music a lot better in Twilight - it was a little more subtle and more haunting.

My Twilight-obsessed friend, Meredith, thinks New Moon is a much better movie. She thinks the director (Chris Weitz) got better performances out of the actors than Catherine Hardwicke. She had said, "you'll see," but I don't see at all. I think both movies are atmospheric and compelling. I liked the first movie and didn't think there was anything that needed to be improved on (except to include some of my favorite lines, which were inexplicably missing!) Funny, but there is a new director for the 3rd installment (David Slade) and yet another for the 4th (Bill Condon).

I watched the Making Of video for this movie as well, and I was equally impressed with how much work they did to make it. The stunts were so impressive. When Bella jumps from the cliff, I assumed it was CGI, but they filmed a stunt woman falling 70 feet in order to get the shot - amazing (even the stunt woman was nervous). Almost seemed like too much trouble to go to - the audience is built in after all.



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