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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Young adult novels

Stopped in Borders planning to pick up at graphic novel for Cal as a small gift. Had no idea how expensive they are. First, I grabbed a skinny one based on Ironman, and was shocked that it was $12.99. Thinking it was so expensive because of the movie tie-in and all, I looked at some others - turns out that was the cheapest one by several dollars - they went rapidly up into the low 20s. Ouchy!

I ended up getting him a couple of comic books instead - he won't care and I spent less than half what the one book cost.

Then I got into a chat with one of the clerks when I lingered by the Young Adult fiction section, rather stunned by how many books there are with a vampire theme (like almost all of them). I asked her if people really buy all these Twilight knock-offs. She said yes, but she prefers the Beauty & the Beast retelling called Beastly by Alex Flinn. So I asked her if she ever saw the 1980s TV show. You should have seen her eyes light up! I totally made her day. She was going straight to the internet as soon as I left!

The movie of Beastly is coming this summer. Sounds intriguing, and there's no vampires! Beauty and the beast is such a classic story, and so romantic. The clerk was annoyed because Vanessa Hudgens is starring, but it's a bit early to assume she's wrong. Plenty of performers who are strongly associated with a certain role are perfectly able to competently do something else!

Anyway, Alex Flinn has written several YA novels, some of which have themes borrowed from classic fairy tales, including Sleeping Beauty (A Kiss in Time). She sounds fun. Also known for some YA novels with more serious themes, like a book with an HIV-positive teen that often makes in onto assigned high school reading lists. I might have to check her out.



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