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Friday, March 26, 2010

"Are we there yet?"

Nice piece in Newsweek about how far women have come and how far we haven't come, quoting among others, Susan Douglas (see my entry from yesterday). It's interesting overall, but what most resonated for me was this section, because this is exactly my experience with my women's group (and those comments came from other women, who seem like they can't wait to tear other women down when you act like a leader)!!

A recent Girl Scouts study revealed that young women avoid leadership roles for fear they'll be labeled "bossy" . . . This generation has had it ingrained in them that they must thrive within a 'yes, but' framework: Yes, be a go-getter, but don't come on too strong. Yes, accomplish, but don't brag about it," says Rachel Simmons, author of The Curse of the Good Girl. "The result is that young women hold themselves back, saying, 'I shouldn't say this, ask for this, do this—it will make me unlikable, a bitch, or an outcast.' "

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