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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The conference officially begins

The only day we didn't have to jump right out of bed (I just don't know why they insist on starting so early!)

We had to be at Rockefeller Center at noon. A private party on the ice rink! (I didn't realize it would be there.) Nice food, though much I couldn't eat (tempura, mini burgers, chicken sticks with peanut sauce).

I snuck off to the NBC store above the rink, just to window shop, but ended up buying a Battlestar Galactica mug. I was ridiculously pleased about it.

At 4:30 we went over to Radio City Music Hall for dinner and the big opening night. Dinner was mostly Italian, but I enjoyed the roasted vegetables and a nice salad, and maybe the best cheesecake I ever ate.

Larry looked very dapper in his hat and he held his own, dancing with the Rockettes (though they're a head taller than him).



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