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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Final day of the conference

Another early start - breakfast downstairs and then the morning session at 9. People trickle in, there was no way we needed to be here so early! At the break, I call Bobbie and end up talking a long time. When I come back to the room, the speaker, Steve Ortiz, is standing very near where we were sitting and I would have to cross in front of him to get to my seat. So instead, I stand on the sidelines with several other people. I talk for awhile with a staff member, and take the opportunity to tell her how nice it would be if they offered an alternative session for the spouses so we could skip this strictly business presentation. Turns out, many other spouses have made this same point. Maybe, finally, they will do something about it!

After the session, we take a group photo with the letters Jerry brought (NEW YORK and JACOWITZ). We are free for a couple hours, so we grab a very quick lunch at Chipolte with Jerry and Dawn (Jerry's treat).

Then we have to get ready for the big final night party at Ellis Island. First the subway to Battery Park and a long wait in line after going through security (I suggested we wander in the park a bit, but John insisted that we get in line - it was suffocating in the tent, and gorgeous outside, grrr. Anyway, it was a quick ride on the ferry, and I spent the time talking with Andrea, the spouse of the MP of York PA, a very pleasant conversation. Then a stop at Liberty Island for soft drinks and lots of photos (we talk with the Kidzmart rep and his wife, from Vancouver). Then to Ellis. Cool dinner - food from around the world (dumplings from Japan, fried rice from China, pierogies from Poland, grilled chicken pita from Greece, etc) - though the concept is better than the food quality (the big spread of mini desserts is quite fine). Afterwards there is music on a stage set up at the edge of the island with a magnificent view of the NY skyline behind it.

I took a few minutes to run to the gift shop, and end up with another mug and some nice magnets. We took the ferry back around 11 and there are buses to run us back uptown.

Larry parties at Ba-Da-Bing and then sits in the lobby until 5 a.m. chatting so much that the next day, he's hoarse! I go upstairs, pack most of my stuff, and fall into bed late.



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