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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teen obsession

So I'm wandering down the street enjoying all the sights and sounds, and checking out the street vendors. Lots of tables selling photos, most of NYC icons like the Empire State Building, but also of various teen idols, mostly the two guys from Twilight, and the Jonus brothers, and Justin Bieber. So a mom and young teen girl are walking toward me and the mom points out the table of photos and the daughter puts her hand on her heart and gasps. I have to linger to see which one she's kvelling over. I'm guessing Taylor Lautner, but what do I really know? Turns out, it's Justin Bieber. I'm a little disappointed actually, but now I have a better appreciation of how totally he is dominating the tween world. And yes, I briefly considered buying one of the photos of Robert Pattison as Edward, but it would just be too embarrassing (and where would I hang it anyway?)



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