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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marco Rubio

He's going to win a seat in the US Sentate and there's nothing anyone can do about it now.  He's handsome and charismatic and he's got a "vision."  I heard about his "generational choices" ad and thought I better check it out.

This is exactly what annoys the shit right out of me about conservative politicians (and commentators too).  He starts out with a stirring and completely inoffensive testimonial about American exceptionalism (he even uses the word) and his immigrant roots and American opportunity ("where the son of a bartender doesn't have to become a bartender").  But then we take a turn to the ridiculous - he suggests that if Floridians don't vote for him, America will become more like the country "where [he] came from."  That's CUBA.  As if Obama were a crazy communist dictator a la Castro.  It's completely surreal to suggest that America could ever become anything like Cuba, or, for the denser voters who miss the veiled reference - a country where you're forced to become whatever your father was, like it's the Middle Ages all over again.

Jesus, it's so stupid, I can hardly write it down.  He looks so reasonable and charming, but what he's saying is just as wing-nutty as Glenn Beck.  He just doesn't cry while he's saying it. 



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