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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


On Morning Joe this morning, they were discussing the Senate race in  Nevada, and Joe said that no one in the state actually likes the two candidates (he and Mika were there this week).  One of the round table members said that it's like the voters are walking down the street and trying to decide which piece of trash to pick up.  I give Joe credit (I think he's a tool about 90% of the time) because he said that both candidates are good, hard working people.  But besides being repulsed by the analogy (regardless of how evocative it was), what I found myself thinking (yet again) is that if voters had any sort of political philosophy guiding their choices, this would not be the case.  These two candidates offer very different approaches to governing and if voters knew that, there would be no issue regarding how likeable they are, or how misleading their negative ads are.  We get exactly the politics/government/candidates we deserve.  Since the vast majority of voters apparently spend no time or energy on the issues, this is where we find ourselves.  (And by iussues I don't mean who wraps themselves in the flag or who uses the word "liberty" the most often during the campaign - I mean whose policies and governing philosophy actually match your own.)



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