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Monday, October 25, 2010

Election season nastiness

This has got to be one of the most discouraging election seasons that I have ever witnessed.  Besides the general lack of civility, and the complete lack of substantial discussion on any real issues, there seems to be more nastiness than I can ever remember:

Activist stomped outside Rand Paul-Jack Conway debate

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that a female MoveOn.org supporter was attacked by backers of Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul on Monday when she attempted to approach Paul outside his final debate with Democrat Jack Conway in Lexington.  As the candidates arrived, a group of Paul supporters pulled a female MoveOn member to the ground and held her there as another Paul supporter stomped on the back of her head and neck.

RI Governor Candidate tells Obama to "Shove It"

This coarse election season, which seems to keep outdoing itself in that regard, has taken another crass turn. Frank Caprio, the Democratic candidate for Rhode Island governor, says President Obama can "shove it" for not endorsing him.

Obama will be visiting Rhode Island on Monday to promote his small business bill and lend a hand in Democratic fundraising, but the White House said Obama would not endorse anyone in the governor's race. After hearing that news, Caprio told radio station WPRO early Monday that Obama can "take his endorsement and shove it."

Caprio faces Lincoln Chafee, an independent and former Republican senator who backed Obama for president in 2008.



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