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Thursday, October 28, 2010


So 6 weeks ago, I moved my office from a satellite building into the main building of the campus, on the floor with my main department office, but not in the main office suite - down the hall, in a cubicle constructed in the mailroom.  Across the hall from me is a supply closet.  In the closet was a refrigerator (from its condition, it was clearly never used) and a small microwave and toaster oven.  After about a week, seeing no one using any of these, and assuming no one would be inconvenienced, I moved all 3 into the mailroom for ease of my access.  The mailroom is just as much a communal space as the supply closet, and people are in and out of the mailroom all day, and obviously after hours as well.  Imagine my surprise today when I get this message from the department secretary:

"If it is not too much trouble, could you please place the microwave and toaster oven back in the supply room? The refrigerator is okay to stay where it is. I am sure when you moved into your new spot that you thought these items were just extras because they were in the supply room; however, due to the fact that there really isn't any room in our suite to place them, they were placed in the supply closet for the admin staff as well as your use."

Of course I will move them back where they were, but I don't see how having these items in one shared room versus another could possibly make any difference to anyone.  They are just as accessible to all in the mail room as they are in the supply closet (and I certainly didn't think they were "extras" - I didn't move them into MY office, since I don't have an office, as all the other staff on this floor do, I have a corner of a communal room).  What makes this even sillier is that in the 6 weeks I've been in this office, I've only seen the microwave used twice.  Two times.  I use it every day.  This actually seems quite mean-spirited to me, but since I don't really care where the microwave is (and can't see why anyone else cares either), I will comply.



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