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Sunday, September 12, 2010

What a relief

First meeting of my women's group this morning without me having ANY responsibilities. I got to just show up, and eat, and visit with the other women. I didn't have to carry anything, didn't have to set up or clean up, or WORRY about anything, didn't have to fix any problems, didn't have to run around getting stuff, didn't have to take care of shit that someone else said they would do and then didn't. It was bliss.

Weird aside, though - someone I've known since I moved here pronounced Alana's name wrong in conversation with me. How can you know me for 4 freakin' years and not know how to say my daughter's name??? What's creepy about it is that I'm almost sure she's confusing my daughter with her friend's dog. Sheesh! But what was I supposed to say? Some people just have to be tolerated.



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