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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Another music video worth talking about

How did I get so obsessed with music videos all of a sudden??? The latest if for Cee-Lo's song, Fuck You. I first heard about it in Newsweek of all places - they called it the anthem of the summer (I thought Katy Perry's California Gurls was that). Anyway, Cee-Lo's song is catchy as hell - the kind of song you find yourself humming long after you listen. This video just shows the lyrics (in a really cute, bouncy way).

The offical video is a story, but I think it's kinda stupid. In the song, the guy is complaining about a girl who left him for someone with more money. Funny. In the video story, a total dork keeps pursuing a hot girl who's clearly a bitch and he's shocked that she keeps rejecting him. But then he's totally disgusted when the non-hot girl catches his flowers (by mistake) and comes over to him. So how is he any different from the bitch? "Fuck him too" is my reaction.

I understand what they're going for in the "official" video - the rejected guy is a hot shot at the end and the hot girl is a zero. Plus, it's set in a 1950s style diner with backup singers like all the groups had back then. Cute. But I actually like the other one (with just the lyrics) better - where I can make up my own story!


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