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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Harvest Dinner at bc restaurant

I've been on the email list for these monthly theme dinners for quite awhile, and I even called about one before, but they were full. Finally, Larry is off, the sitter is available, and there's seats at the restaurant tomorrow night. This one sounds really special - "90% of ingredients for all dishes are locally procured":


smoked silver queen corn soup with
roasted baby beets and maytag bleu butter
baby arugula salad with Lively Run goat cheese,
grilled crooked neck yellow squash,
pan fried baby carrots,
yellow cucumbers,
and red garlic/lemon vinaigrette
roasted wild striped bass with
dragon tongue bean salad,
pink potato hash,
and black shallot chutney
grilled bison medallions with
sliced Schoolhouse Farms tomatoes,
r&g ricotta, heirloom yellow squash,
and fresh spinach finished with
River Rat cheese sauce
grilled peach half with
salted local yogurt, almond brittle
and lavender syrup



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