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Monday, September 06, 2010

Twilight music videos

More music videos! I had fun on youtube, watching these.

I started with this one which I first heard about on the TwilightMoms website - hilarious parody of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. Includes this slight variation on her lyrics - "Let's not go all the way tonight. No sex, just love." The video is smokin', even without the song. Only downside is that the singer's voice kinda sucks.

Then I saw this excellent video of Eminem's Love the Way You Lie - even better than the official one (which is amazing). Downside is that this is for Team Jacob. The creator did a wonderful job making the images fit the lyrics (e.g., Jacob jumps out the window as Eminem sings "watching you leave out the window, maybe that's why they call it window pane [pain]"). Made me want to watch New Moon again!

My favorite is this one of Breakeven by The Script - I always thought this song fit New Moon perfectly and shouldn't have been surprised that someone created a terrific video with it. They even went to the trouble of putting in Twilight footage in black and white to represent Bella's memories of happier times. Made me want to watch the original movie again!

Then this is fun - claims to be "all" the kisses between Edward and Bella from the first 2 movies. I'm not sure it's everything, but it's still a smokin' hot minute and 5 seconds. The background music is not a recognizable (to me) pop song, but the site says it's an instrumental version of Akon's Right Now. Nice.



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