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Friday, September 10, 2010

Low (rather than high) holidays

I wish I could report otherwise, but it was just not a very spiritual Rosh Hashanah for me. Wednesday night I was tired (and sleepy after a big meal) and then on Thursday I was distracted, not sure why. Couldn't focus, couldn't make the words mean something for me. Maybe being in the middle of the week was part of it. I'm back to work today, and the last 2 days feel like a blur. Plus, it's so early this year and I was very focused on getting the kids ready to start school. Next year the holidays are much later in the month - that may help.

I had a nice dinner on Wednesday night, though. Two people cancelled at the last minute, which was frustrating (I had already bought the food and ended up with too much). But the people who came made a nice group and even Larry said he enjoyed himself. I felt really organized this year too - the meal got put together with no stress and everything arrived at the table hot and delicious. That was rewarding.

Maybe I'll feel more connected at Yom Kippur.



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