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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More on the Tea Party Party

CNN is covering these folks a lot lately, and each time I hear about them, my blood just boils. I'm not sure if CNN wants to give the group credibility or showcase how marginal they are.

This morning I heard Rand Paul (I assumed he was named for Ayn until I saw that his given name is "Randal"), who's running for Senate in Kentucky, talking about how reasonable they are and how it's really about the deficit. Of course I think that's ridiculous. Not that they aren't sincerely concerned about the deficit, but you heard nothing from these folks when Bush took us from a surplus to the trillion dollar deificit. Or for that matter when Reagan ran up a huge debt. And they certainly aren't this angry about the deficit. They cannot escape the strong racist tone of a least some of the protest.



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