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Saturday, January 30, 2010

500 Days of Summer

Weird that I waited so long to see this movie, considering that I'm Joseph Gordon Levitt's #1 Fan. I liked it, but I can see why it wasn't a big hit. I suspect it's a movie you can watch more than once and get more out of it each time. I loved the final scene, I thought that was great fun. And I liked his friends, I thought they added a lot to the movie. I was puzzled why they didn't explain more about a) why Summer was so upset by The Graduate and b) why she got married so quickly to that other guy. I was a little confused by both those things, but it didn't ruin the movie for me. The movie was worth seeing for good writing and a great performance by JGL. He may not get nominated this year, but he will get an Oscar at some point - it's inevitable.



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