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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union

Larry got home at a reasonable hour, so I went to listen to the speech with some Democrats from the university neighborhood. I liked the speech a lot and it was fun to watch with like-minded people. We had some lively conversation before and after.

My favorite part was when Obama scolded Congress. Also, I was thrilled that he mentioned "Don't Ask Don't Tell" - that dinosaur needs to go now.

I expected him to spend a bit more time bragging about what his administration has accomplished in the last year - I heard several pundits suggest that would be a good idea. But overall, I thought he did what he needed to do - struck an optimistic tone and explained where he wants the country to go.



Blogger Pacman said...

I have to admit the prospect of an Obama administration filled me with dread. The thought of a liberal president with a fillibuster proof majority in both houses seemed like a recipe for disaster, but after a year....nothing. Obama is just innefectual. Sure he makes a good speach but he doesn't do anything. He is Franklin Pierce without the accomplishments. Other than tripling the amount of troops in afghanistan and exploding the deficit he just doesn't get anything done. We can rest easy till the midterm elections when Obama will lose his majority and balance will be restored.

1:59 PM  

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