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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interpreting Massachusetts vote

Great stuff that I read on Hullabaloo:

"So Howard Dean goes on Hardball today and points out that today's DFA poll shows that of all the people who voted for both Obama and Brown, three out of five voted for Brown because they had wanted a public option and of the Obama voters who stayed home, 80% wanted a public option."

She posted a long transcript of the conversation, where Matthews completely refuses to understand what Dean is saying - that the people who didn't vote stayed home at least in part because they're disgusted with the lack of progress on healthcare reform. She finishes with this:

"Somehow, I don't think Matthews or any other villager was convinced by Dean's argument. They just don't think that way. Therefore, electing a Republican will never result in the political establishment and the media understanding that it was because the Democrat wasn't liberal enough."



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