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Monday, January 18, 2010


I ended up watching this movie over several days, when I had time. It's very good, but it's so depressing. Based on true events in Juarez, Mexico - thousands of women who work in factories there have been raped and murdered over the past decade +. Everyone knows about it, it's been going on for years, but the police have done nothing to stop it. Occasionally, they force someone to confess to a murder, but it's rarely a person who was actually involved. It's like those human trafficking movies - could there be any clearer evidence of how competely expendable many people are? And I just feel so helpless watching this. These things are so heinous, but it's virtually impossible to make any meaningful contribution to their solution - the people who could intervene are uninterested in doing so. I applaud Jennifer Lopez. Antonio Banderes, and Martin Sheen for putting their star power behind this issue, and I think the filmmaker tried to make an interesting film, with good performers, dramatic camera work, and a built-in mystery (never really solved). But of course, hardly anyone saw the movie (it made $8 million foreign and domestic) and what good has it done, I wonder? So frickin' sad.



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