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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts election

I really thought Martha Coakley was going to pull it off - I thought the polls were wrong, like they were for John Street's mayoral race in Philly; I thought Dems would come out and vote in greater numbers than the polls were showing.

Yikes. It's humbling to be wrong and the trends are scary. Clearly the opposition is more motivated right now than liberal voters. Many of my friends are quite disgusted with Obama and see this as a reflection of his failure to lead, to communicate, and to keep his promises.

Scott Brown isn't just a conservative, he's a monster. He's everything I hate about this type of politician - a total hypocrit (e.g., yet another guy who hides behind "family values" but is a total slut) and depends on really dumbed down rhetoric. Totally in the mode of GW Bush - campaigning in his pickup truck, "a man of the people" - gag!

The far right learned their lesson in the NY 23rd district race and they honed their approach. The Dems need to be this strategic!!!

I'm especially bitter about Massachusetts voters voting against healthcare reform - they have that luxury because they already have it. Thanks for screwing the rest of us!

Interesting comments by Rachel Maddow last night - noting that virtually no pundits are remarking on the fact that a woman has never been elected to the Senate from Massachusetts. Things that make you go "hmmm."

Final note - I say, pass a healthcare bill, whatever we can get through. Do it now. Fuck it, just pass something - I don't care what's in it - fix it later.



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