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Monday, February 01, 2010

More bad kid movies

I've never even seen Air Bud, the movie that started it all. But with Alana so obsessed with puppies, we went straight to the knock-offs (you can't even call them sequels because they're something like the 6th and 7th movies in the series).

Air Buddies is the first one that focused on the puppies. The plot, such that it is, involves the inept henchmen of a rich man who has orders them to steal Air Bud for his spoiled son. A cross between 101 Dalmations and something more modern and offensive. The 5 puppies are each a type - the one who wears bling, the fat one, the girl, etc. It's really dumb. The action is silly and predictable, though of course watching the puppies tumble around is fun. Overall, pretty painful for an adult to watch, but the kids enjoyed it.

Space Buddies is actually a bit better. The puppies sneak onto an unmanned space shuttle that goes to the moon and visits a defunct Russian space station. It's funnier than the first one, though relies on some of the same stupid humor (fart jokes and such). And it's smarter, with some nice nods to the importance of science. It's also a bit more sentimental, for example, a dog stranded on the Russian space station just wants to get back to his owner, a sweet boy waiting back home for him (as if a space dog would have a sweet boy owner, but whatever). Not quite as agonizing to sit through.



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