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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Stale discussion

We read a fairly interesting section of the Jewish Literacy book for our bnai mitzveh class this week on Life Cycle events, and I was looking forward to discussing conversion and the get and the mikveh, all fascinating aspects of Jewish life, and ones that don't receive enough attention.  But instead we spent the entire hour on the kosher laws.  Not even interesting aspects of it, like how it's defined and distinguished our community, or its role in modern Jewish life.  Instead, we spent the whole time just talking about the actual laws - the definition of meat, and how we can't eat the back half of the cow, only the front half (including an actual list of which cuts are readily edible and which ones aren't).  Holy cow!!!  Super dull and super annoying.  Why would an entire class be devoted to a practice that's not even required, or widely observed, by Reform Jews???  Especially when there's so much more interesting topics to consider.



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