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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Weekend movies

I watch a bunch of episodes of Homeland On Demand (which is excellent, even better than I've been told), so I didn't watch many movies this long holiday weekend).

The Muppets (2011) - Cal went to Tintin, which I would have been willing to see (having been a long time fan of the graphic novels), but Alana wanted to see this one.  A weird combination of satire and earnestness, but I laughed quite a bit - there's some very funny inside jokes.  Not exactly a classic, but not a waste of time, and Alana enjoyed it. Some of the songs are quite catchy and I think we'll get the soundtrack.

Solider (1998) - I think I saw this Kurt Russell vehicle back when it came out (cuz I was always a fan of Kurt's); kinda low budget and not a little cliched, but actually not a bad movie; there's some clever and rather brainy inside jokes, like the garbage planet is called Arcadia. Surprisingly, Alana ended up watching with me while Cal wandered off to the other room.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (2003) - We got this at the library because I thought Alana would enjoy it and she did; it wasn't quite what I expected, but it wasn't bad. A little bit of a downer, and a little too much about the people and not enough about the parrots, but still entertaining.



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