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Monday, December 19, 2011

Manipulated photo

I'm completely taken aback by this story - I saw the Time cover, and thought the "protester" they were acknowledging were those who participated in Arab spring.  I'm quite surprised to discover that this picture is a stylized version of a photo of an OWS protester named Sarah Mason (created by the artist who made the famous Obama Hope poster, Shephard Fairey).  Here is a comment from the RSN website that says it better than I can:

With the enhancement of 'Middle Eastern eyes' effect and the color and other changes making her hat and hankie look more like a hijab against the hell red background, you've added a nice note of fear and hatred. Nice propaganda job there. OWS as Arab terrorists...sigh.
And this one:

Sanitized ? It looks like the 1% did a hatchet job on this photo.

This young woman's physical coloring, and even that of her clothing is purposely darkened and cast in spooky shadows for the cover art in an effort to make The Protestor appear as sinister as it is possible to make a 25-year-old woman look.

If people weren't so impressed with the implicit recognition involved in a Time cover, they would be up in arms over the *blatant* "doctoring" and manipulation of this photo to make this young woman look more like a threat than like what she actually is ..... a young woman exercising her Constitutionally Guaranteed Right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and her obligation to petition her government for redress of grievances.

This cover is not a compliment of any sort. If that were my daughter, I would be outraged.



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