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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Latest movies

New Year's Eve (2011) - pretty disappointing; they tried to cram way too much into the movie, and it lacks any emotional resonance at all; but I laughed out loud a few times, and the cast is certainly comprised of lots of appealing people; not a waste of time but definitely a wasted opportunity

Ironclad (2011) - under the radar historical fiction of the story of King John (the one most famous for a cameo appearance at the end of many, many Robin Hood movies) after he returns from the Crusades in the early 13th century and tries to suppress a rebellion among his own nobles; great cast (including Paul Giamatti and Brian Cox) and a few fine moments, but super gory and apparently misrepresents several important facts

Love Wedding Marriage (2011) - uneven rom-com with the delicious Kellan Lutz (apparently his contract required him to film several scenes with his shirt off) and the adorable Mandy Moore, as a marriage counselor who almost torpedoes her own marriage when she tries to salvage her parents floundering relationship; not as appealing as it could have been - Jane Seymour and James Brolin, as the parents, fall pretty flat (Brolin's ham-handed attempt to portray a Jew is particularly unfortunate - his wife should have coached him better); the highlight of the movie is Jessica Szohr as Mandy's lively sister



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