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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eye problem

Friday night, on my way to bed, I noticed in the mirror that I had a little flaw in my eye:

I thought I had scratched my cornea, rubbing my eye.  But over the weekend, it didn't really change much, except that the blood spots disappeared and then reappeared.
So Tuesday I went to see an opthamologist.  He said it's an inflammation of the lymphatics, which he sees it regularly, often among women my age - he thinks it may be related to hormone changes.  He recommended lancing it, and gave me some steroid drops to use for a week.  After the lancing:

He said there's a small chance it could reappear, and if it does, he would cauterize it (not a comforting thought).  I have to admit to being a bit freaked out.  I trust this doctor, but it's a bit disturbing to be told you have something with no known cause and a rather random treatment.  And I googled "lymphatics" and could find absolutely nothing online about such a condition in the eye.  It's a little bit scary.  And it makes me feel old too.



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