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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Annual book goal

For the last 2 years at the goodreads.com website, I've set a goal of reading 50 books.  At the site, I appear to have exceeded my goal this year, but that's before deleting books that I didn't finish and kids' books, which I don't want to count in my total (though I want to track them in my account). After the deletions, I've gotten very close to 50, but didn't quite make it - I've finished 46 books.  I'm reading 2 right now, one on paper and an audiobook that I'm about 2/3 done with.  I'm trying to finish both, but I've only got 3 days left.

Even if I don't get to 50, I've done much better than I did in 2010 - I only read 38 books last year.

Even though I didn't set a goal before last year, you can really see the improvement since I started posting books to the site: in 2009, I read 22 books, and in 2008, I read just 18 books. Joining the book club has helped me stay motivated, and just devoting a bit more time and energy to reading has really paid off.



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