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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Finally watched this popular Fox show with the kids (in this week's episode, they did a wonderful routine which very cleverly combined Singing in the Rain and Rihanna's Umbrella).  We enjoyed it enough to look into previous seasons.  It's not on Netflix Instant, and there are 100 holds at the library for the 1st season DVDs.  We can get the discs from Netflix, and also watch online.  I actually watched the pilot, which is not nearly as kid-friendly as this season's episode - it focuses quite a bit more on the adult characters, especially the male teacher, and it doesn't have the big production numbers for the songs.  But we'll check out some additional episodes and see what we think.

ADDENDUM 3/27/11

Caleb and I watched a few more episodes (online), including the Christmas episode from this year, the Madonna episode from last year, and the Rocky Horror episode.  Caleb is actually a little young for it, because it deals with teen issues like relationships and even sex, which he really doesn't understand.  And, at least in these episodes, the music predates him by many years and he doesn't recognize it or get the references.  But we're still enjoying it (though I wonder if he just wants to watch because I do, though that has not been the case with other movies or TV shows).


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