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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celiac disease and schizophrenia

My friend Wendy told me about this.  Wow!  I wonder if this was a factor in Suzanne's condition.

The gluten connection: the association between schizophrenia and celiac disease.

Kalaydjian AE, Eaton W, Cascella N, Fasano A.
Department of Mental Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD 21205


OBJECTIVE: Based on initial findings, gluten withdrawal may serve as a safe and economical alternative for the reduction of symptoms in a subset of patients.

METHOD: A review of the literature relevant to the association between schizophrenia and celiac disease (gluten intolerance) was conducted.

RESULTS: A drastic reduction, if not full remission, of schizophrenic symptoms after initiation of gluten withdrawal has been noted in a variety of studies. However, this occurs only in a subset of schizophrenic patients.


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