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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend movies

Caught some decent videos over the weekend ~

Zombieland - surprisingly funny and actually kind of touching; minimal amount of zombies too, after the opening sequence, at least until the big finale.  At this point, I'd watch Jesse Eisenberg in anything.  Matt said they're working on a sequel, which could be well, an abomination - it's so hard to recapture that jaunty humor a second time around (case in point - MIB II)

Vampires Suck - some funny bits, and the female lead has Bella/Kristen's mannerisms down pat.  It almost seems redundant to satirize such a campy movie.  A few jokes were a bit raunchier than I expected (embarrassing to watch with my 10 year old); overall, not a waste of 90 minutes of my life.

Adam - interesting romance about a man with Aspergers, with the lovely Rose Bryne, and Hugh Dancy, giving a really terrific performance (I would watch him in anything at this point).  A little disappointing - the first half was definitely stronger than the second half, and it didn't reach it's early potential (when the opening voiceover says "everything I learned about love, I learned from Adam" you expect to be really wowed); the ending was especially unsatisfying.  Not a waste of time, but nothing I would watch again either - not as good as Maze and Dedication, both better movies about the romances of troubled men .  Bonus - Amy Irving, excellent as always, in a small but important role.  Additional bonus - not 1, but 2 songs by Josh Radin, whose haunting song in Catch and Release has stayed with me all this time.



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