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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Latest movies

Watched a bunch of movies, mostly on video, over the last week+

The Company Men - wonderful, moving and meaningful story of people losing their jobs; less whimsical than  Up in the Air, but with similar themes and authenticity; a great a movie for Larry to see right now and it lead to a important conversation with him.

A Fond Kiss - excellent movie by Ken Loach, surprisingly sexy and authentic; a Muslim Londoner falls for a teacher at his sister's Catholic school; a great romance with some excellent commentary about the role of religion in modern life.

Over Her Dead Body - with Eva Longoria, Lake Bell, and Paul Rudd.  I saw a bit of this on cable and decided to rent it so I could see the rest.  As a vehicle for EL, I think it was an abject failure, but Paul Rudd and the adorable Lake Bell were great together.  Lots of typical rom-com contrivances, but surprisingly sweet and genuinely funny in several scenes.

Coco Before Chanel - tour de fource by Audrey Tatou, gorgeously filmed; very interesting story, one I didn't know and was glad to have seen.

Knight and Day - not a bad movie at all; Tom Cruise is watchable, and I loved the twist at the end, where Cameron Diaz basically rescues him exactly the same way that he rescued her earlier in the movie.

Hachi: A Dogs Tale - based on a famous Japanese story, relocated to the US, with Richard Gere as a man who finds a lost Akita puppy; it publically mourns his passing for 10 years, patiently waiting for him to return to the train station, after he dies suddenly.  Both Alana and I cried hard; I think Larry and Cal were downright puzzled by our show of emotion.

A Dog Year - Jeff Bridges is terrific as a crotchety man who bonds with a difficult dog (based on a true story), but this is mostly forgettable family fare.



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