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Monday, March 07, 2011

Risk tolerance and Pass the Pigs game

We played many rounds of Pass the Pigs tonight, and Larry again displayed a high tolerance for risk, which can also be described as his inability to stop throwing the pigs, even though he loses every round.  Not only does he like to keep going, but he gets upset when other people play more cautiously. When anyone would keep throwing beyond their comfort level, he would encourage them, and at one point said, "don't you feel more alive when you keep going?"  I was struck by this, because truthfully, I don't feel more alive - I feel incredibly anxious, and terribly relieved when my turn is over and I hand the pigs to the next person.  I think this really shows that people react to that adreneline surge very differently - for some people it's stimulating and for others, it's overwhelming.  Probably explains a lot about the personality differences between Larry and I.



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