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Monday, June 14, 2010

Facebook exchange

Wow, I was completely taken aback by this hostile response from a HS "friend." Of course the guy was a smug asshole in HS, and certainly not a friend of mine then. Not sure when he decided that he's the arbiter of what should be on FB, or even how he decided it was necessary to be so insulting right out of the blue. I've read all the "bullshit" he's posted on his page without flying off the handle. Actually, I wish I had the nerve to be such a jerk to all the people on FB who I think are ridiculous. As usual, the people I respect are the ones I care about.

It all started when I posted story about how the popularity of medical marijuana is patient-driven rather than science-driven.

YVETTE: They should legalize it and tax the crap out of it.

ME: Amen to that!

BRAD: Hey Yvette even though I don't smoke it anymore, how about they take something you like and tax the shit out of it and see how you like it. You and Danielle are two of the most opinionated women on facebook and need to lighten up a bit. Both of you send out messages and posts that make me want to puke. (holier than though) If you want to be the two best women on this earth then find a way to get rid of OBAMA.

How about tax the crap out of the illegals in our country, how about tax the fuckers on wellfare that drive BMW's, how about just calling each other on the phone and leave Facebook free of your bullshit

Funny how things work out but you two were probally the least popular in High School and now think you are the shit.

and Danielle who are you AMENing to? You don't even believe in Christ let alone our God

JIM: If Danielle's opinions bother you so much don't read her posts or better yet remove her from your friends list. I don't see why anyone who would write things like you have would want to be a FB friend other than to be a jerk.

ME: Wow, Brad, hostile much? Threatened much? I'm suprised you needed to get on FB before you realized there are people in the world who think differently than you do. You need to get out more, then maybe it wouldn't bother you so much. Oh yeah, one more thing, Jews say "amen" too you ignorant ass.

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