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Sunday, June 06, 2010

MTV movie awards

I didn't see the entire show, because I was unpacking from the trip, and frankly forgot all about it. So I started in the middle, watched until the end, and then watched the first half when they rebroadcast it. It cetainly reminded me why I stopped watching a few years back - mostly stupid, unfunny, awkward, and with absolutely nothing of interest for real movie lovers. But that said, I'm glad I saw Sandra Bullock's speech and Peter Facinelli, who I thought was hilarious, dropping the "f" bomb intentionally (many of which the censors missed). Kristen Stewart was incredibly awkward, wow, she's just off the charts. She looked so amazing, but the second she has to interact with the audience, it's straight down hill.

Anyway, it was nice that New Moon won everything. I really thought Avatar would take Best Movie, so I was genuinely surprised. Yet again reminds me that I don't appreciate the intensity of the adoration for the series.

I got annoyed later, reading the MTV blogger's account of the evening because he (!) complained that the Eclipse clip they showed was too "talky" without any action. Grrr! This movie is not for him!!! If he needs action, there's *gazillion* movies he can watch, it's almost ridiculous. This is for ME. It's a romance! Why are they trying to steal even this from us? They need to get a woman to direct Breaking Dawn, at least the first half. So it can be what it's supposed to be, which is melt-your-socks, mushy romantic. Not some pumped up, chop-socky fest for the fanboys, who 90% of the movies are made for already. Sheesh!

Actually, I have a theory about the BD release date, which is November, not in the summer. I think maybe they are intentionally avoiding the implication that it will be an action movie - a holiday release date positions the movie as more serious and maybe gives them the freedom to be more sentimental, emotional, whatever (even with a male director).



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