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Friday, June 04, 2010

Twilight series movie grosses

Some interesting Twilight movie stats, according to Box Office Mojo:

Opening day Nov 20
Stated budget $37M
Domestic gross $200M
Foreign gross $200M
Total gross $400M

Opening day Nov 21
Stated budget $50M
Domestic gross $300M
Foreign gross $400M
Total gross $700M

Here's more fun - New Moon "shattered" the previous opening day record, held by (of all movies) The Dark Knight (which opened on more screens in more theaters!):

Claiming the record for the biggest one-day gross, The Twilight Saga: New Moon raked in an estimated $72.7 million on approximately 8,500 screens at 4,024 sites. The Dark Knight was the previous title holder with $67.2 million on around 9,300 screens at 4,366 sites.

New Moon's first day more than doubled that of its predecessor Twilight, which debuted to $36 million on around 6,000 screens at 3,419 sites. Twilight's first weekend wound up at $69.6 million, which was less than New Moon's first day. Due to fans storming theaters on its opening day, Twilight's first weekend was heavily Friday-loaded, leading to much lower grosses for Saturday ($21.3 million) and Sunday ($12.4 million). The fan fervor was even more intense for New Moon.

New Moon's $72.7 million first day included an estimated $26.3 million from its midnight opening, which was also a record. The Dark Knight made $18.5 million on its midnight opening, which means it generated more business after its midnight showings ($48.7 million) than New Moon did ($46.4 million). The Dark Knight still holds the record for biggest weekend (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) ever: $158.4 million.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The Dark Knight budget: $185M, total gross $1B ($500M domestic, $500M foreign)



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