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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Billy Burke weekend

O.K., so I never heard of Billy Burke before I saw Twilight, though his filmography shows a solid career over 20 years. But this weekend, I kept bumping into him. First, I was flipping channels and saw him in a scene which turned out to be from the 2008 Diane Lane vehicle Untraceable. Later, I watched Surveillance with Matt, and in the trivia for that 2008 movie, it says that Bill Pullman replaced Billy Burke, who dropped out of the film 2 months before shooting began. The timing is such that it's conceivable that he left to make Twilight instead. An excellent career move, as it turns out! (Catherine Hardwicke saw him in a "mockumentary" about a country singer called Dill Scallion; BB has played in bands since his teens and his debut album is being released this month.)



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