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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How the other half lives

Trip to Georgia was terrific, but not nearly as relaxing as I had hoped. I brought a bunch of issues of Newsweek, thinking I would catch up, and several movies on DVD. I had visions of lounging in the luxurious room, but the schedule was so full, I literally never did that. It was so nice, but I had so little time to really revel it.

The food at the Ritz was AMAZING. At lunch on Tuesday, Larry mentioned to the waiter that I couldn't eat any of the food (it was a lovely buffet, but everything was fried or sandwiches, etc). The waiter had a special plate made for me and starting then, they took incredible care of me. We had a wonderful dinner that night and they gave me slightly different dishes for 3 of the courses (out of 5) to ensure that they were GF. My fav was actually the cream of tomato soup, which was just heavenly (everyone else had leek soup). The crab salad was very good (everyone else had crab cakes), but I thought the citrus cream dressing was surprisingly bland (or maybe they just didn't put enough, which is almost funny, since I usually think there's too much dressing on salads, not too little). The dessert was also rather boring, but we were stuffed by then, so it didn't matter.



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