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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Animated movies

I have to admit that I just don't get why adults swoon over animated movies. Up was entertaining, but it's a cartoon. Same with Wall-E. They're fun, but they're not really entertainment for adults. I want to watch movies that showcase human performances - that's what I consider the sine qua non for a really exceptional movie. Animation is impressive and artistic, but it's limited. It can be just as fun, but it can't be as meaningful, by definition.

Now that I'm saying that, I'm thinking about Maus or other media that have presented important stories. It *can* be deep and meaningful, but movies created primarily for a youth audience can't. Pixar's offerings and other movies like them, which attract the adoration of so many, are the ones that I don't take seriously. The two I mentioned above and Toy Story and The Incredibles. Super entertaining. Not Oscar bait.

I'm glad that the Academy created a separate category for animated features, because there are many terrific animated movies each year. But putting an animated movie in the Best Picture category is just silly, in my opinion. I just can't take an animated movie seriously as film.



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