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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Biology teacher shoots 6 colleagues when denied tenure

Holy crow, this story is just blowing my mind. Why did she shoot them? Over tenure. Three lives cut short. Just awful.

Here are some observations from a newspaper blog:

The murder of three University of Alabama-Huntsville professors by Dr. Amy Bishop-Anderson, a a neurobiologist and assistant professor in that school's biology department is now three days old, yet the picture painted is not any more clear than before.

The image of Dr. Bishop is complex . . . brilliant researcher, genius, mother of four children and good teacher . . .

With all of this, UAB students have painted a picture of a Dr. Bishop that was a good teacher who gave informative, if "tagent-prone" lectures, and who took time to help them. . .

The reason why this matter is so intriguing is that no one had any warning that Bishop was going to snap in this way (if the murder allegations hold). It's important to not only get at the motivations for what she did, but how to spot such possible actions in the future and declare the person mentally ill and thus eligible for special treatment, care, and observation.



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