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Friday, September 28, 2012

Be yourself, but not too much

I see these funny and rather aggressive postings on Facebook all the time, and of course I resonate with them (though I rarely post them to my own wall since I have no reason to encourage people to see me as even more smug than they apparently already do).


Photo: Some of these fan comments... Damn!  Tanya

Those are the funny ones.  But there's also the "Be Yourself" ones that I see a lot too, posted on the walls of many people, even people that I don't think really believe this:

While I enjoy them, they always make me think "bullshit." Because my own experience has been that the vast majority of people really dislike people (like me!) who display this quality of speaking your mind. And I think taking a principled stand has negatively affected me in many, many situations, both personal and professional.  Just another aspect of my ongoing existential crisis - I can't get a handle on this issue at all.



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