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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Latest movies

I've missed noting a few movies that I've seen lately, so I'll catch up here~

The Words - a beautiful film about life, love and professional accomplishment, but it got a bit muddled, obviously intentionally, and wasn't quite as satisfying as it could have been; solid performances by Bradley Cooper, the always compelling Zoe Saldana, Ben Barnes, and of course Jeremy Irons, but Dennis Quaid and the rather miscast Olivia Wilde were less interesting. Side note,  the film technique of having a character tell the story to another character got a bit tired in this film though it works great if used correctly (see The Princess Bride)

Goon - watched this On Demand with Cal and was surprised how entertaining it was (based on a true story), with Seann William Scott as the hockey enforcer, Jay Baruchel as the sidekick, and the always delightful Alison Pill as the love interest. The humor is very crude, but it's quite a hidden gem.

Lemonade Mouth - watched this Disney movie with Alana one afternoon; it's about a group of misfits who start a band; I was surprised how charming and fun it is - the songs are quite enjoyable too

Magic Mike - couldn't wait to take in this guilty pleasure, so I snuck off to see it one day after a doctor appt; it was pretty good, but not quite what it was billed - more following Channing Tatum through his character's identify crisis than watching hunky men dance, but still entertaining

The Artist - a major disappointment; super cliche, just a remake of A Star is Born; clearly the Oscar voters were seduced by the self-referential theme - certainly not the plot or pacing, and most definitely not the originality.



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