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Friday, September 21, 2012

Republican difficulties

Bill Maher had an interesting and lively panel discussion tonight on Real Time. But I had a strong reaction to one comment, from Time magazine editor Rana Foroohar, who said that Romney is losing because the Republicans have no coherent economic policy. That struck me as spin. I do think that the Republican economic perspective is out of line with the average American's values, but they are quite adept at using appealing rhetoric to make those policies seem acceptable, for example, by casting even the most draconian ideas as "personal freedom."

But I don't think it's their economic policies that are impacting their current lack of traction in the presidential race. If Romney had focused on jobs and the economy, as planned, I think he would be doing well. He's not a super engaging campaigner, but Obama can certainly be criticized for the current economic situation. I believe that it's their constant detours into values issues that is slowing Romney's momentum.  Bringing rape and birth control and abortion and similar issues into the forefront is not good for Romney. Because although the positions he has been forced to take appeal to a core of voters on the far right, they are mostly unappealing (if not repulsive) to voters in the middle, who may think (erroneously IMO) that Romney the Businessman is what America needs right now, they do not want to see the government restricting access to birth control etc.

For further confirmation, see Daniel McCarthy's essay that I posted on this blog on Sep 19.



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