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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Grind

I've been noticing lately what a grind it is to maintain a household and family.  It's always been true of course, but I think I notice it more in the summer for some reason.  Maybe because I think of summer as more of a relaxed time, but it's still 3 meals a day (plan and shop and prepare and clean up), and laundry, and managing the schedule, and getting people where they need to go, and clean up, clean up, endlessly CLEAN UP.  It's just every day, every day - get up, feed everyone, clean up after everyone, and then start all over again.  Not sure if there's any way to lessen that Sisyphyan feeling of these daily chores and activities.  The rock does indeed roll to the bottom each night and have to be hauled back up the next day.  Probably nothing to be done, except maybe to find a bit of relaxation between sessions of pushing.



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