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Friday, June 24, 2011

Not feeling quite so discouraged

I often say that even though I now live in upstate NY, it's still NY - people are aggressive, whether driving, or standing in line, or whatever.  People don't let you merge when you're in your car, or cross the street when you're walking - it's everyone for themselves most of the time.  Quite a difference from the small town life that I grew up in, in northern Arizona, even though the population density is low, and Syracuse is not very urban or crowded.

But lately, I've had a few experiences that have forced me to reconsider my sweeping generalization.  When another car and I were approaching an open spot in a parking lot, the other driver actually waved me in and drove past to find another spot!  That has never happened since I moved here!

Just a couple days later, I bought a small bookshelf for Matt, and was working to put it into my car, and not one, but two people, offered to help me.

It's almost enough to restore my faith in humanity.



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