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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NY 26 goes Democrat

Sweet sweet victory!  Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul beat state Assemblywoman Jane Corwin for Jack Kemp's seat, covering the area between Buffalo and Rochester, which hasn't been held by a Democrat since the 1800s!  The margin was small - 47% to 43%  and there was a third party candidate, who definitely helped.  But the big issue was the Paul Ryan budget and Medicare.  This was a special election to replace Chris Lee, who resigned earlier this year after he was caught sending a provocative photo of himself to a woman who ran an ad on Craigslist (what a tool!!)  That little scandal probably helped the Democrat also.

And I just love listening to the Repugs crying and moaning about "Mediscare" etc, and how the Dems won by manipulating the voters. Oh boo hoo!  They've used those same tactics relentlessly for 2 decades, especially with that family values crap - abortion and gay marriage and other issues. Turnabout is fair play, bitches!  How does it feel to be outmaneuvered at your own game?



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