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Thursday, May 12, 2011

More thoughts on growing up female

Back on April 27 I discussed at length Kiki Kannibal and Peggy Orenstein, and their object lessons on growing up in America (a terrifying prospect for the mother of a girl these days)!  Today I was talking with a friend of mine, whose daughter just turned 21, and she was describing her daughter's first romantic breakup, a couple years ago, and how difficult it was.  It struck me that part of what has changed since I was that age, is the very public nature of these emotional events.  When I was that age, I could make poor romantic choices (and I made several) and, except for a few close friends, they played out primarily in the privacy of my own life.  Nowadays, all these events are witnessed, and often commented upon, by a huge Greek chorus of spectators on Twitter and Facebook and so on.  I had the great, great luxury of growing and maturing largely on my own - the mistakes and experiences that have lead me to where I am now, older and much wiser, were not seen or noticed by many other people.  But young people today must cope with the most wrenching and most formative moments of their lives in full view of their every acquaintance and relation.  It can't be easier.



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